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Our New Site:

As you may have already noticed, we've completely re-written our website, leaving in much of the original content, and added new and interesting features.  The greatest departure in design from our old site to this new site, is that this entire new website resides entirely in a database.  Each call to our website causes dynamically generated pages to appear in your web browser.  Gone are the days of static HTML pages.  This leap in technology will allow us to respond very quickly to changes, and allow us to bring updates to you quicker than ever before.

Below is a summary of some of the more obvious changes.

Online Shopping:

Replacing the old "Paypal Pro" online shop is the new and robust TremorMUV Shop powered by "Virtumart".  Although the layout of the items is somewhat different, you should be able to navigate through the shop with the same ease as in the original shop.  Take note that your shopping cart is always available in the right hand panel of the site.


Replacing the old "In The Works" page is the "News" section of the site.  Designed to categorize specific news items for you, you'll be able to target the specific topic of interest with greater ease than on the old website. 


As it existed on the old website, all of the product descriptions were ported over to the new site.  The items themselves have been better organized under this category for your viewing pleasure. 

Media Repository:

Replacing the "Downloads" and "Gallery" section of the old site is the "Media Repository" link found on the left hand panel of the website.  Photos, videos and PDF documents can all be found in this section of the new site.  They can be viewed on line, or downloaded. 

An exciting feature of this server side application is that you can select any number of items from the media repository, and place them into your own personal "lightbox".  This can be accomplished by clicking on the yellow box on top of the media item you'd like to retreive.  This is a storage vessel into which you place all of the media items you'd like to download to your computer.  Once you've selected all that you're interested in retreiving from our site, simply click on the "View Your Lightbox" icon at the bottom of the screen, and complete the transaction by clicking on the "Create Zipfile" to download, or "Create Playlist and Play" to view the content online.

TremorMUV Build Forum:

This link remains unchanged from that of the orginal site.  The location of the forum has changed, but the content has not.  It is still accessible through the menu on the left hand side of the screen. 


You won't find too much difference between the old FAQ system and the new one.  All of the FAQ topics have been ported over and exist in the same fashion as they did previously.

Web Links:

The "Web Links" replaces the "MUV Portal" on the old website.  Although this section does not contain the power of the old portal, we found that the portal was under utilized, and that the reduction in power would not be missed.  We will be porting over all of the active web links from the portal to the new pages on this site.

Site Map:

This is an entirely new feature to the RMC website.  This feature will build a complete map of our entire site for you.  This will enable to you to jump to any section of the site quickly and easily. 

Contact Us:

The "Contact Us" page now offers complete contact information as well as a contact form you may use at any time to ask questions or to send us your comments.

Compression Wave Images:

Replacing the "images.tremormuv.com" site, the Compression Wave Images site offers anyone free picture hosting services.  The new site, located at " http://cwave.tremormuv.com " exists primarily to serve users of our H1FORUM.COM website, and the TremorMUV Build Forum in hosting their Hummer related photos. 

Rounding Out The Site:

Completing our review of the site changes includes a "Site Search" feature that allows the user to search the complete site for key words. 

There are a number of reasons we decided to move away from our old website and present you with this new and what we believe is an improved version.  Updated technology, ease of use and maintainability are some of the key reasons for the change.

We hope you enjoy the site, and encourage you to provide feedback to us if you feel inclined to do so.  We always enjoy hearing from our visitors and customers.


Thomas Christoph
Rocky Mountain Coachworks Ltd. 

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Rocky Mountain Coachworks has no affiliation with AM General, General Motors, or any of its subsidiaries and partners. Hummer H1 is a registered trademark of General Motors and AM General.

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