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Future Plan Set Products:

Interior Dash Plans:

ImageImageImageThe interior dash plans product will allow the builder to construct the complete interior dash, doghouse and rear dash portion (with the exception of the dash pod, available through surplus dealers) from the provided plans. This plan set is based on the dash design developed for the TremorMUV prototype. The interior dash that is constructed from plans can be used not only in a TremorMUV but can also be adapted for use in ANY Hummer replica, authentic AM General Humvee or General Motors Hummer.

The interior dash plan set will consist of three components. The plan set, the build manual and the pictorial build chronicle CDROM.

Stage II Military Style Door Plans: 

ImageAs an alternative to purchasing surplus civilian or ex-military doors for your TremorMUV, Hummer, Humvee or other manufacturer Hummer replica, the Stage II Military Style Door plans offer the builder/restorer an affordable and cost effective solution to adding hard doors to their project..

Development of this new plan set will begin in the 4th quarter of 2006. The stage II military style door design was selected due to its ease of construction and requirement for no specialize tools to complete. They appear similar in design to the typical "X" military door.

This plan set will consist of the standard three components found in all other Rocky Mountain Coachworks Ltd. plan sets. The plan set itself, the build manual and the pictorial build chronicle CDROM.

The doors created from these plans will of course function perfectly on a TremorMUV, AM General Humvee and General Motors Hummer. The will also function perfectly on all other Hummer replicas provided they adhere to the standard Hummer door opening specification. The beauty of these plans are that if the Hummer replica you are constructing these for does not adhere to the standard door opening specification, the outer skin can be modified to suit your application.

Four Man Hardtop Roof Plans: 

This plan set will offer an alternative to purchasing a surplus roof for TremorMUV builders, and is a perfect compliment to the TremorMUV Windshield Frame plan set.

Civilian Style Wagon Back Plans: 

As a logical continuation of the four man hardtop roof plans, the civilian style wagon back plans completes the requirements or those who desire a TremorMUV wagon.

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