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Electronic version of TremorMUV Plans NOW AVAILABLE PDF Print E-mail

Electronic versions of the TremorMUV Plan Set are now available for purchase.

Prior to today (March 25th, 2010), you have only been able to purchase the paper version of the TremorMUV plan sets.  Now available for purchase are electronic downloadable copies of the TremorMUV plan set.  They are all in PDF format.

The advantage of downloading versus buying the printed copy is that you get your product instantly.  Take the savings on shipping and have them printed locally.  I'll still send you your serial number stickers for no additional charge, that you can affix to your plan set once you've had them printed and bound.

This will be especially attractive for those purchasing the plans overseas where shipping and tariffs can make the purchase otherwise cost prohibitive.

For those exercising this option, please do not share the downloaded files with anyone.  These files are intended for use by the purchaser only, and not to be shared or given away.  We appreciate you respecting our product and the effort that went into it to bring you this product.
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