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Cool, Unusual Equipment You Can Hook Up to Your SUV PDF Print E-mail

Cool, Unusual Equipment You Can Hook Up to Your SUV

Everyone tends to know about all the basic automotive upgrades that exist out there, from brake pad replacements to HID headlight upgrades.  Many car enthusiasts are also aware of the growing market for aftermarket performance and appearance modifications, among them the installation of turbochargers and body kits.  But few people really focus on the more eccentric, unusual upgrades that are widely available.  For your SUV, you can install some parts that most drivers would never dream of, and you can often do it on the cheap.  In this article, we’ll attempt to cover some parts that can really add some edginess back into your SUV.


SUVs, due to their larger overall profile when compared to a generic passenger car, are better able to utilize a spotlight.  Spotlights can be installed on a lighting assembly atop an SUV, and used to shine a strong beam of light just about anywhere you need illuminated.  If you do a lot of off-roading, video shooting, and other light-intensive activities, an SUV spotlight can be just the add-on you need.  Just be sure to turn it off before driving on the highway.

Headrest LCD Screens

As SUVs have grown larger and larger, so has their seating capacity.  Take the Ford Explorer, for example, which offers three rows of seating and can sit at least seven people.  Though a single LCD screen up in the middle of the car can offer direct video viewing to everyone, the screen is often small and not everyone would best be able to enjoy the movie playing at a distance.  To keep your passengers pleased, however, you can consider installing individual headrest monitors. That way, each passenger in the back has his/her own screen to focus on, and no one will have to strain his/her eyes just to see what’s on screen.

Undercar Lighting

SUVs are much higher off the ground than a typical passenger car, and this greater distance between the underside of the vehicle and the road allows for more add-ons to be installed.  A favorite of many SUV drivers is undercar lighting.  Undercar SUV neon lighting can add a cool effect to a vehicle at night, and the owner of the vehicle can choose undercar lighting strips in a wide variety of colors if he so desires.  With LED undercar neons now available as well, the lights can also be brighter and more noticeable than before.

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