About RMC
ImageOur company was founded with the principle of coachbuilding in mind. To understand what coachbuilding is, you have to take a step back into automotive history.

This was a time when vehicles were handcrafted to the customers requirements. The customer would purchase the chassis from a builder, and take it to their coachbuilder of choice. A bodystyle and features would be decided, and the result would be a very unique, one of a kind vehicle.

The concept of homebuilt or coachbuilt vehicles can be traced back to the 1800's. These unique, and individually handcrafted vehicles were built to the customers personal tastes.

This is exactly what Rocky Mountain Coachworks offers! The detailed "blueprint" for you to construct your very own military styled vehicle. This "blueprint" gives you the flexibility to construct your vehicle to suit your personal requirements, while presenting the construction in a step-by-step process.