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Are there TremorMUV build centers where I can have a TremorMUV built for me? PDF Print E-mail

There are currently no build centers dedicated to the construction of the TremorMUV base body.  Your best option for getting a TremorMUV built for you will be for you to purchase the complete plan set(s), and take them to a local welding shop.  They are best equipped to handle your professional welding needs if you desire to have someone construct the body for you.  You can likely save yourself some money if you utilize the cut list drawings in the plan set, and provide your welder with the pre-cut pieces.

Check with local welding shops to find the one that will satisfy your welding requirements.


TremorMUV plan set now exclusively available in ELECTRONIC format!

Now you can purchase the TremorMUV plan set, Windshield Frame plan set or any of our CD's, and download them directly to your PC without having to pay any shipping costs. 

This allows you to get your plans faster, and utilize some of the money that you'd spend on shipping on printing your plan set locally.   Huge cost savings will be realized for those purchasing from overseas!


Wide Donor Plan Set Supplement Now Included

We have decided to now include the "Wide Donor Plan Set Supplement" drawings with the purchase of the TremorMUV plan set purchase.  These plans will come with your electronic version of the TremorMUV plan set package.  Prior to this announcement, these plans were an additional fifty dollars.  This savings is now available to all purchasers going forward. 

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